The financial services industry is a funny place.  You see, the banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies need your money to make money.  So they're usually not too keen on providing objective advice on where and how your money can be invested.  Integrated Wealth Strategies has no axe to grind or ulterior motive as to how and where you invest.  We act as your financial architect, listen carefully and help design a process and structure so you can maintain, manage and grow your wealth in the most tax efficient way possible. After all, it's not what you make, it's what you keep.



"Retirement" is a funny word.  It means different things to different people.  And to those people that are far from retirement, settling down or even slowing down, the thought of saving for retirement may not be a top priority. But our Federal government provides some great ways to create other "pockets" of wealth that can grow tax-deferred or tax-free. So learning how to utilize tax advantaged savings vehicles that Congress has created for everyone (and especially self-employed/small business owners) can be very financially rewarding. We specialize in understanding the various types of retirement accounts, how they operate and what types of investments you can make in different retirement accounts. Let us open your eyes to a new world of investments and opportunities you may not know about.

Integrated Wealth Strategies is an industry leader in the field of retirement plan design and consultation for small business owners and individuals.  We specialize in objective, non-biased retirement consulting for:

  • Solo 401k Plans for self-employed business owners (business owner & a spouse)
  • "True" self-directed IRAs, IRA LLCs and IRA Trusts
  • Small company self-directed, open architecture 401k platforms
  • Unrelated Business Income Taxation ("UBIT") and Prohibited Transaction review and analysis preparation
  • "ROBS" (Rollovers as Business Startups) structuring
  • Review of existing retirement plans and options moving forward


In the world of taxation, "it's not what you make, it's what you keep" that really matters. 

Understanding and planning for your tax obligations is critical to growing your personal and business assets long-term.  We help self-employed business owners and individuals understand:

  • Issues surrounding self-employment tax
  • The best entity structures for running your business (S corp?  LLC? Sole proprietor?)
  • Stock option and founders stock tax analysis


A basic tenant for successful wealth management is to 1) know what you own, 2) know why you own it and 3) know where you own it. But keeping track of all your financial investments, accounts, tax information and other important documents can be daunting.  If your financial life more closely resembles Noah's Ark than you'd like, let us help.

IWS uses the latest in financial aggregation software to help you see everything you own, all in one place, at any time. This makes your life easier, your financial life more efficient and allows you to sleep at night - knowing what you own, why you own it and where you own it.



At IWS, we've seen individuals grow their retirement accounts to amazing heights by truly "self-directing" and investing in what they know and are familiar with.  But there comes a time when accumulating more "stuff" in a retirement account probably isn't the priority. So how do you make sure what you've spent so much time nurturing and accumulating will be able to help you live the way you expect to? Contact us to have this important discussion.


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