Consulting Terms & Conditions:

© 2015 by Integrated Wealth Strategies, LLC

Eric Wikstrom ("IWS") provides consulting and technical assistance to individuals and businesses ("Client") on tax and retirement plan issues in person, by phone call and email. Credit card authorization is required and consulting time must be purchased by Client before booking a time to meet in person, phone call or email.

Time incurred is billed and charged by IWS against the current credit card balance paid by Client. If time incurred by IWS for a Client issue or project looks to go above and beyond what Client has paid by credit card, Client will be required to make an additional payment before additional work by IWS will continue.

A paid invoice indicating the detailed work performed by IWS will be provided to the Client by email. Any unused time paid for by Client will be refunded. Both IWS and Client acknowledge that this consulting agreement may be cancelled at any time by either party and any unused time paid for will be refunded to Client.

Refund/cancellation and no-show policy:  IWS reserves the right to retain Client's paid consulting fees if Client cancels previously scheduled appointment with less than 24 hours notice, or if Client no-shows for a previously scheduled in-person or telephone consultation.