IWS understands the issues of "going it alone", "being an indie" and "taking the leap" out into the world of being your own boss.  Making your own decisions. But when it comes to advice about the most efficient and innovative ways to save for retirement, save taxes or finance your business, what you really need is an independent financial advocate.

IWS clients pay for advice given. Your fee is never derived from the sale of a product where you have no idea how much commission your "salesperson" is earning. Transparency is critical.

Integrated Wealth Strategies, LLC is an independent consulting firm specializing in providing individuals, self-employed/independent contractors, small business owners and financial institutions with conflict-free advice on retirement, financial planning and tax matters.  In 2005, Eric Wikstrom sought out to create a company whose sole objective was to help its clients  1) truly understand their financial situation and 2) act as their personal advocate on important financial issues.

Integrated Wealth Strategies, LLC has led the effort to inform and educate individuals on what their financial options are; i.e., to work on their behalf.  IWS does not manage investments nor sell any financial product(s). Therefore, we can provide the objective, conflict-free financial advice and guidance that individuals, small business owners and other professional service providers truly need.

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Eric Wikstrom


Master of Science Taxation

Critical, independent thinking and providing customers a better mouse trap is why Integrated Wealth Strategies, LLC was formed. Eric received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at the University of Washington and holds a Masters of Science in Taxation from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Eric has held positions in real estate finance, corporate finance, personal wealth management and public accounting/taxation. Feeling the inherent conflict of providing guidance and while selling a product, Eric formed Integrated Wealth Strategies, LLC to provide wealth building strategies to individuals and education to institutions who truly are seeking a better way to build, maintain and manage wealth - conflict free.