Integrated Wealth Strategies, LLC is the impartial voice of reason to business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals for their most important financial, retirement and tax planning decisions.

Today's financial landscape is complicated.  There are many difficult decisions to make when it comes to investments, retirement savings, all aspects of insurance, income and estate tax planning.  The list goes on and on.  But you shouldn't be making all these decisions on your own.  What you need is someone with the proper expertise to sit by your side and who isn't compensated or motivated to sell you anything.  Conflict free advice.  Your own financial advocate.

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IWS provides unique, objective, industry leading tax, retirement and financial solutions and consulting to small business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals. Our goal is to make sure you fully understand all your options so you can sleep well at night. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Financial education and tax planning
  • Investment aggregation & overview 
  • Solo 401k plans for self employed individuals
  • Self-directed IRA set-up and consultation
  • Small business 401k plans that allow for true investment self-direction


IWS was founded on the premise that the best solution for your financial situation may not be the most well known or popular. Your solution may have to be created, developed and will require critical, independent thinking.

IWS is an acknowledged leader in retirement plan structuring with alternative investments and tax planning that coincides with your situation. We know your life, career and fiscal habits don't fit the mold. Why should you accept generic financial thinking that was designed to sell you something? Continue on to About Us to learn more about our way of thinking.

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Coming Soon:

Integrated Wealth Strategies, LLC is proud to announce the upcoming publication of two exciting, must-have electronic books for the self-directed investor. In addition to always being up to date with IRS information, current industry trends and investment strategies, The Solo 401k Field Guide and The IRA LLC Field Guide will also include instructional video tutorials to help supplement the readers understanding of various topics and strategies. 

We will have more information on the specific publication date of these Field Guides soon.  If you'd like to be informed when these electronic publications are released, you can either fill out the information form on our Contact Us page or follow us on LinkedIn.